Charlie Sutton’s proven library of sensible songwriting captures a sense of being present in the seclusion of memories and “Flat Rock River,” the lead single from his forthcoming EP Trout Takes (due Feb. 2022), only adds to his successes. Melodic banjo dancing on a meandering steel lends itself to an Americana style that we’ve come to expect from Charlie Sutton. Paired with Sutton’s son Roscoe, the vocal harmonies elevate the landscape and instantly draw you in.

“Flat Rock River” paints an experience of memories created in a time of COVID that is filled with warmth and love, told under an open sky on rolling hills masterfully concocted by Charlie Sutton (banjo, guitar, vocals), Jason Beek (drums), Shakey Dave Manion (lap steel), Sam Alkire (upright bass), and Roscoe Sutton (vocals).

“Flat Rock River” invites us into a family journey that twists into a core memory to be sacrificed for nothing. One which fills us with excitement in the fulfillment of experience as if we were part of the Sutton family outing narrated within.

Charlie Sutton has never over-complicated things and by holding true to his sound, while surrounding himself with like-minded musicians, continues to captivate us in his storytelling. “Flat Rock River” is another tale, embodying the western sense of Americana to tell around the fire with friends and family.