One of the greatest lessons that can be taught is how to find an answer. Simply handing someone the key does them no good. Akin to the “teach one to fish” mentality, the ability to look at what is laid before you, muster up the strength to persevere, and ultimately seek an answer is one of the greatest feelings in the world. It is through our innate desire to seek truths and our individual strengths to undertake that journey that we become a better people. UK-based Sukhmani has gently laid out an empowered reflection to do just that with her EP, Here.

To borrow her own words, “you made it, you’re meant to be here” and with her echoing, airy delivery Sukhmani delivers a warm, welcoming sense that we’re all supposed to be Here. Her five-track EP stands high aloft drifting, vivid dreamscapes where each chord compliments beautiful lyrical execution. Sukhmani’s immigrant roots, Punjabi Sikh heritage, Afro-Caribbean and UK influence are atmospherically present, as are her percussion-focused tendencies. The seemingly effortless grace of each track plays to a greater, subtle presence framed by a dynamic, sometimes haunting, worldly fusion of sound while holding close to a perpetual marching on while seeking the answer to whatever question you may have. As she explains to the second track, but tends to apply to the EP as a whole, we’re met with an unobtrusive uplifting empowerment that allows you to find the answers without spoon-feeding them to you. Sukhmani put it, “at its heart, ‘Divination ‘is a song about the empowerment found from diving into the unknown. Inspired by the ‘Strength’ tarot card, the song calls for us to recognise our innate, gentle inner strength and knowing.” Here does not give any answers, other than to speak to the talents at hand. Instead, it is a perfect soundtrack which intimately speaks to your story via Sukhmani’s songwriting and own vision.

An utterly gorgeous execution of a beautiful artistic vision that packs far more into five tracks than seems humanly possible. The EP exists confidently within the vast, vast soundscape of its own creation. Perhaps the most apt description of Sukhmani’s Here is an audible Tardis. It’s superficially a nice little box, yet much, much bigger on the inside. Mesmerizing vocals drifting effortlessly on deeply faceted layers of electronic, worldly-influenced beats, there’s no place I’d rather be right now than Here.