To unlearn is to discard outdated information from one’s memory or beliefs. Attempting to unlearn, especially in a highly divided world today, is a daunting undertaking, let alone with a debut record.

Six-piece explorers of expansive audible experimentation, James (vocals), Charlie (bass), Lewis (guitar), Dave (synths), Jack (drums), and Finlay (guitar), under the mind, gender, and audible-bending moniker Walt Disco are teaching us all that Unlearning is not only a worthwhile endeavor, but a task you don’t have to undertake alone.

Spanning a wealth of associative sounds and styles, Walt Disco firmly and confidently embraces a sound all their own. The Scottish self-expression fueled, stargaze glam post-punk/alt-pop group is the inevitable progression from the lands pioneered by Bowie and Kaiser Chiefs, to name a few. It should be made abundantly clear however, Walt Disco is not trying to be someone else or imitating the aforementioned legacies. In fact, Walt Disco is unapologetically themselves and it is utterly glorious!

The introductory seven seconds of Unlearning is a call to attention, similar to that of an orchestra preparing for a performance, calling the audience to focus. The subsequent twelve tracks, varying from barely over two minutes to over five, play out in an audible cinematic experience that is on-point for the narrative of our time and executed by, arguably, the best new band to do so. The swaying pop, hardened rock transitions, and electronic assemblies of Unlearning showcase, not just a fantastically whimsical, fun delivery, but a profound awareness of Walt Disco’s presence. The danceability of tracks like “Selfish Lover” transition without warning into devastating hooks of “How Cool Are You?” which transitions into the brooding arcing tension of “Those Kept Close” showcasing the abilities of Walt Disco while confidently striding everywhere in between. The nuanced narratives of romance, relationships, identity, and glamour (of which there is plenty) are sure to resonate with a wide array of ages and backgrounds. As a whole, the is a massively consumable record that raises the bar high for a debut, but frankly, none of that matters because you’ll have more fun with Unlearning than you’ll find in most records released in recent memory. Walt Disco projects a new era of music in the way a select few brave bands before them have done.

It behooves us all to be open to change. For some it is easier than others. If you or a loved one is struggling to keep an open mind, find the beauty in the world in which we exist, or is a staunch troll of internet posts, take two doses of Walt Disco, get over yourself, and begin Unlearning.