If you’ve ever been asked “how’s it going?” chances are, like most everyone, without thinking you reply “fine.” But are you?

Our instincts are to offer complacency and just move on. For Boise, Idaho’s Lindsey Hunt, that’s no longer the case. After a life-changing diagnosis, permanently affecting her hearing, the status quo is shifting, including her sound. That said, things are going to be fine and her latest record, I’m Fine…It’s Fine, is a major step toward personal healing.

The follow up to her 2019 solo debut Images, I’m Fine…It’s Fine takes a dynamic shift in approach and result is an alluring mix of elegance and honesty.

Over the course of ten new tracks, I’m Fine…It’s Fine answers the withheld response many of us give when asked “how’s it going?” by embracing a cathartic release that feels very personal to Lindsey Hunt, but becomes very personal to the listener as well. The cooling effects of a richly layered dynamic journey that is the new record remains tethered to Hunt’s violin, which is really an extension of her. Contrary to Images, however, where instrument and vocals blended into a singular body, I’m Fine…It’s Fine balances itself by projecting Hunt’s vocals at the forefront, swimming in its electronic depths just slightly behind, projecting an echoing depth that you’ll want to dive into. As Hunt puts it, the new record is “chill vibes with a little bit of distortion because my hearing is also muffled from hearing loss in my left ear and loud sound causes my brain to work on overdrive.” The results are a striking beauty, harnessed by the sentiment laid out by her lyrics “pulled into a conflict that’s become identity.” Drawn to each track’s story, the record absolutely shines at the midpoint. “I Could Lie” bleeds lyrical honesty that is both heartbreaking and empowering. This is followed by the emotionally charged, possibly best track she’s ever recorded, “Running So Fast” which will hit you squarely in the feels. The need to shift her approach to recording has led Lindsey Hunt to a beautiful record that will most certainly move you.

The use of the term “pop” with I’m Fine…It’s Fine feels a disservice to the record by unfairly categorizing it with what is often superficial sound, yet Hunt’s sophomore record deviates the journey that was her debut and demonstrates a shift toward a more expansive sound. Granted, there is a significant depth to the vision and elegance of this release, pulling it out of the standard association to the genre, perhaps dream pop is more apt. What is certain however, despite the trials she’s overcome and those still ahead, I can’t help but feel Lindsey Hunt is truly going to be fine.