When an artist takes a step back to reflect on where they’ve come from and where they’re headed, we, the music fans, tend to glean insights we didn’t fully have before.

One such example is Dutch-born artist Säm Wilder. Having attained sizable success under the moniker Beekwilder over the last half-decade, Wilder sought to hone in on his story and artistic vision. Just releasing his debut album Homebound (Deluxe), Säm (pronounced “Sahm”) Wilder opens up in the tracks “Overtime,” “What’s Wrong With Me,” “Bring It Home,” and “This Far.”

Expanding on the 2020 release Homebound EP, Wilder demonstrates a keen sense of self-awareness and an even greater grasp on his audio sensibilities. “Overtime” strikes hot with a marching bass line and airy dance presence that will get you moving from the very beginning. It’s the soulful approach in “What’s Wrong With Me” that delivers the greatest hooks and draws us into the world of Wilder. The indie-pop styling of Säm Wilder bends elements of soul and funk to his will, ultimately succeeding in a honesty to his sound that is fun to get lost in. His album is “about leaving home to find yourself, as well as building a new home and the uncertainties that come from that. It’s about leaving family behind, meeting new friends and discovering new opportunities while sacrificing parts of your old life.” The sentiment is felt in his sound. Check out Homebound (Deluxe) and let go while reflecting on where you’ve been and where you’re headed.