Two all too common themes with a lot of musicians are either creating the same sound on repeat or never rehashing the same thing twice. It can be divisive. For The March Divide, it’s a way of life.

Jared Putnam holds on to his acoustic approach, but leans heavily into the latter sense of ever-expanding sonic experimentation with his song direction. His latest, “Drug That I Can’t Quit” is no exception.

Beginning with the signature acoustic punk styling, “Drug That I Can’t Quit” quickly shifts into a more post-punk-forward presence in a refreshing expanse to the singles from the Texas-based musician. First and foremost, it demonstrates The March Divide is not settling into complacency in the least. Notably, it carries the sense of exploration we found in Lost Causes. Just before the two-and-a-half-minute mark, “Drug That I Can’t Quit” launches itself into rock and there’s no looking back.

Recorded and performed by Jared Putnam (Guitar, Percussion, Vocals), Ernie Garcia (Bass), and Todd “Taz” Anthony (Drum Programming), Mixed by Todd “Taz” Anthony and Mastered by Mike Majors, check out “Drug That I Can’t Quit” from The March Divide.