Earlier this year we dove into Micheal Fordays’ single “Slowly Now” and were met with a sense of nostalgia and modern lyrical awareness. “Slowly Now” has now become the lead track on Fordays’ newest release The Mind And Echoes.

The old adage of “wish I knew then what I know now” slapped me across the face like an overly used Batman meme as I embarked on my initial exploration of The Mind And Echoes. All the songs on the new album are written by Fordays, produced by Fordays and David Klein, and mixed by David Spreng. Micheal lends vocals, guitar, and bass, while being joined by Dave Klein (Agent Orange, Sky Saxon and the Seeds, The Ghastly One’s, The Bomboras) on drums, percussion, and organ. The seven-track release is packed with the air of yesteryear spun into a modern rock assembly we’d expect, however, the depths of shredding and hook-laced rock was not expected. The aggressive pace of “Broken Wings” bleeds highway rock, the spinning melody of “F.A.T.A.L.” perfectly balances the rhythm and guitar, the swaying vibes of “High Point Now” offers a mid-album air reprieve (if slightly), “Shine A Light” weaves a poppy tale. Then there’s “Swirling In A Storm” which feels like a deep-cut, early STP track you’d play with the windows down on a summer day cruising with your friends. The Mind And Echoes concludes with the echoing power of “Far From Our Lives.” From the seemingly distant past that formed the base of Micheal Fordays (Mind Over Four, KMFDM, etc.) to today, one thing is clear, Micheal Fordays shows no signs of slowing and has much more rock to share with the world. The Mind And Echoes is a genuinely enjoyable independent rock experience.

Had I known now what I thought I knew exploring the single “Slowly Now,” Micheal Fordays’ The Mind And Echoes would have been much higher on my list of anticipated releases. Don’t be like me. Check out The Mind And Echoes, out now.