Have you ever been accused of being two different people? You know, one way with your friends, but another way in a relationship. Or, one way at work, but a different way in social settings. If you have, then have I got an EP for you!

Texas-based Sunrise Pilots are releasing their newest EP None The Wiser and it is packed with emotion; perhaps, two different kinds of emotion.

The band that calls themselves “three beautiful and sweet guys making ugly and sour music,” made up of Josh Nath (drums), Shane Cameron (guitar and vocals), and Chris Knox (bass and vocals), wrapped their arms around a solid self-production of an EP that embodies a divergent struggle between two facets, melodic and metal.

The five-track EP None The Wiser portrays itself in the opener “Little Hollow” as an aggressive, shredding record for about twenty seconds before it shifts into twinges of punk guitar and reflective rock vocals. Similar sound is found in “Label 5” and “I,” but it is the middle of the EP that raises eyebrows. “Deadfall Horizon” lends itself to the drifting melodies and strong songwriting of the trio. Not to take success from pain, “Divided By Zero” strikes a simplistic post-punk rock vein, similar to Gavin Rossdale performing “Glycerine” alone in the rain in ’96. It doesn’t overly complicate the emotion and elevates with without over-production. As the band puts it, it’s “a song about hope in the middle of heartbreak, and it’s a song about the dead of winter that’s being released during the hottest time of the year.” While the push-and-pull of two sounds exists at the forefront of the EP, Sunrise Pilots does well to keep it from getting away from them.

Equally good in two different ways and styles, headed in two separate directions. The duality of the sound comes from the band’s “round-robin” leads throughout and stops short of having an identity crisis. None The Wiser is blistering peaks cradled in alt punk melodies that slaps you and holds you over and over again. There is going to come a day of reckoning, where Sunrise Pilots will have to choose one over the other, but for now, we, blissfully, get both.