Over the course of the last two decades music evolved from simply “Alternative” to “Alt Rock” and several other various branches. Call me crazy, but I’d prefer to keep it “Alternative.” There was an air about the genre that took crisp chords and borderline pop lyrics and magically helped us get through a decade of angst.

Prepped for a forthcoming EP Alt Rock band Decoded is sending their single “Lost No More” over the proverbial airwaves to grace us, nay tempt us, with what is on the horizon.

The track is a follow up to the already released single “Open Season.” The newest song is built around a sense of helping a lost friend. Ambitiously enough Derek Jordan’s project Decoded takes the Alternative style and rips it open to the modern day. Lingering on words and vocally shifting with the guitar, reminiscent of Tony Scalzo , “Lost No More” feels familiar, almost too familiar, until two minutes into the song. There is a solo two-thirds of the way through that brings the realization that this isn’t just another forgettable track.  Along with the rocking drums and memorable vocals, it is well worth the listen.

I’ve listened to the track over and over again and can’t stop. I either need to seek help or wait until the EP is released later. I’ll sit on that for a few and figure it out.

In the meantime, “Lost No More” will release April 17th, check it out here: http://soundcloud.com/decodedmusic/decoded-lost-no-more/s-ONCOQ