Have you ever held an old book, felt its worn spin and smelled that smell that only books seem to have (you know what I’m talking about)? That comfort and warmth comes from something greater than just paper with print stamped on it and the glue holding it together. Peter Howard was one such person who felt that sense of warmth. The stories brought on the intellectual journey and the books the solace in which they could be found. When Peter Howard passed, his legendary bookstore, Serendipity Books, seemed to pass as well.  However, the memories made in and around that store will never pass.

Handshake filmed their “Other Eye” music video in the warm confines of Serendipity Books. As an ode to the memories formed within its walls, it is beautifully crafted and tells a story mirroring those found still lining the shelves. Whether lead singer Devin Clary’s writing style was shaped by those experiences visiting Serendipity Books, only he would know. But the song and setting fit each other perfectly.

Here is Handshake’s “Other Eye.” Be sure to check out their album Sleeping, Snarling.