Melissa Rosenberg is one of those unique people that have music in their blood. At a very early age she took to the piano and from then on she can’t shake the musical urge. Now most would think this, basically, inherit talent gives her the upper hand.

Well it doesn’t.

If anything it makes things even more challenging. We’re going to expect more from her. Having the musical knowledge and precision in place, she must separate herself from the rest. Releasing “Beggar for your Love,” Rosenberg does just that.

The New Jersey native takes the indie-contemporary warmth and sass, spins it into her driving vocals and brings home her latest single. Beginning light, the track quickly picks up and crafts a style and sound that will have you immediately hitting replay. Listening to the song it is easy to imagine that stool kicked aside and a piano standing upright and proud because this is not a track to sit down to. Get to your feet and listen to Melissa Rosenberg’s “Beggar for your Love.”