Even before this video arrived, we were hesitant to watch it. Why? Well if you haven’t discovered The Fireflys yet, you should really check out Cathedral For Your Ashes. The Fireflys are a class of their own.  They achieve a lot with very little.

So it was with some trepidation we approached “Easel.” Our hopes coming in were that it would not be too ornate or disproportionate to the track that seals the album. And it couldn’t have pleased us more.

“Easel,” as odd as it sounds, is reminiscent of Extreme’s “More Than Words;” modest and simple. Not in a cheesy, long-haired love ballad way; but in a “let the music do the talking way.” Shot in black and white and focusing on the track itself, around the power of the message and the harmonies laid down instrumentally, it fits perfectly.

Though we had something in mind leading up to the video, we couldn’t be more pleased. Here is the fifth video from the sophomore album Cathedral For Your Ashes.