Now this may come as a shock to most, but we here at Nanobot Rock Reviews opt to do things a little less, well, “normal.” This is not a review or a shameless promotion of a band we love and think you will to, nay, this is simply a standing ovation for The Mad Caps. We cannot take ourselves away from their sound.

Recently Ted Rader and Jon Real left the desolation of the desert for the lush lands of the Pacific Northwest. Under the moniker The Mad Caps, they have spread their hugely infectious, game-changing sound via an album, live shows and a handful of videos. Tracks like “Rosie And The Wolfman,” “Goin’ Down” and “To Hell With The Devil” will linger on your mind long after the record stops spinning. Their ability to draw upon vintage rock, overload it with power chords and pulse driving beats while maintaining a cool appearance has left a trail of fans wherever they go. We can attest that this is one duo that brings it on album and rumbles you to your core live.

The Mad Caps have released a video for “Rosie And The Wolfman” and pushed your limits with the video to “Tube Top.” With distorted rock licks and a duet d’instruments that will make the Black Keys wet themselves, we are continually impressed.

Check out their newest video “Baby Man.”