We’ve taken a moment from “Jenny, Play Your Guitar,” which has been on an almost constant replay, to sit down and experience “Autumn Soul.” The first single off the highly anticipated third album Embers Of The Autumn by UK based, but worldly present, The Fireflys.

“Autumn Soul” harnesses the complex balance of Southern Rock meets Modern Rock in a way, honestly, we’ve never quite heard before. Their constantly fresh approach to rock had us clinging to every note, but with their newest single we’re on the verge of a religious-like devotion. Opening with a riff that would make the Allman Brothers proud, the track transitions into ballad of how people change through love and how that is not always a good thing. The Fireflys have taken a slight turn from the funky-riff laden sound and adds a flair found typically in singer/songwriter type records. The full album will be released on the stellar Canadia Records in 2013. It pains us to not share the song here, but like a kid during the holidays, the wait is worth it.

In the meantime, “Autumn Soul” shows just enough maturity while staying true to Fireflys sound. The track can easily stand on its own two feet.  The strong story lingers on slightly southern-blues while incorporating just enough rock attitude to pave the way for what we’re sure is to be a great album in Embers Of The Autumn.