The Autumn Hollow Band

On December 19, 1999, the world’s best sports official Jeff Triplette lightly tossed a piece of fabric into the air and it got caught in a gust of wind which propelled it into the eye of a Clevenland Browns’ offensive tackle. The sheer shock and happenstance caused Triplette to immediately render aid that could only be rivaled by a hug from the Snuggle bear himself.

Ok, so part of that is a lie. Jeff Triplette is a plague on the National Football League and one of the worst officials sports has ever seen. You see, 14 years ago Mr. Triplette maliciously threw the flag (filled with lead shot to weigh them down) at Mr. Orlando Brown while he was on the ground striking him in the eye and starting the process which led to the end of Mr. Brown’s career.

Aside from many necessary rule changes, the best thing to come of the incident is in fact Autumn Hollow’s “Orlando Brown.” The ode to athletes encapsulates all the best from The Autumn Hollow Band and propels them forward into not only a fun, but thought provoking band.

The track, which features a group chorus at the end which shouldn’t be missed, plays to the folky influence we’ve come to love from the boys from Boston. The rhythms and sincerity we fell for on Love Letters and Ransom Notes stands proud in their single but shows just enough maturity to see that these guys have what it takes to last. They have made big fans out of us and we cannot get enough of “Orlando Brown.”