Click for more from Tenth ElectricForgive the line, but the pin has been pull and the adrenaline packed impact is moments away.  There is really no other way to put it other than this track is simply explosive.

Ok, all word-play aside, London’s Tenth Electric is a call to arms to dance and their track “Grenade” will definitely help you on your way.

The seemingly generic electro-pop track is anything but. Blasting out of the gates with enough pop to choke any night club, twenty seconds in and you’ll quickly find a track of Bon Jovi-like screams that are much more tolerable and less mullet packed. Imagine if the New Jersey rocker (arguably) were to dive into a vat of electro-rock that bores into your inner rhythm and explodes with well-balanced instrumental and synth fusion. Toss into the mix a driving, marching beat and you have Tenth Electric.

To put it plainly, “Grenade” is a catchy-a- hell ride that has us begging for the full album. Give it a spin.