Temples Keep In The Dark

“Neo” anything comes with a certain glib self-perception that, honestly, unless you’re fighting agent Smith, we’re turning the other cheek.

So “neo-psych” English group Temples’ sound, although we’d heard of them, had never graced our ears.

What a mistake.

As diehard Marc Bolan/60s psych enthusiasts we have been missing out. All of the shaggy swagger we’d expect collides with smoky, trippy kaleidoscope shots and gives birth to the melodic, layered brilliance of yesteryear; and there is no better place to find it than Temples’ most recent video “Keep In The Dark.”

The warm familiarity of their raunchy horns, ambient chimes and even retro look makes an already great song an even better video. “Keep In The Dark” immediately draws memories of The Slider in the most stunning way. Not only are Temples one of the best psych sounds of today, an argument could be made that they’re on par to be one of the greatest. Who knows, soon we may be saying T. Rex, Floyd and Temples.

Fans of psychedelic music, or even “neo-psych,” heed our warning and do not miss this.