Treemo - Falcons


Sweden may not be making much noise in Sochi up to this point, but our favorite band from Växjö is back at it with their addictive experimental rock.  They have released a new single, “Falcons,” from their upcoming full length album.  Percussionist Dennis Nilsson, keyboardist David Schagerström and multi-instrumentalist Alexander Carlsson return with their same rock ‘n’ roll sensibilties with frontman Emil Malmsten singing in his typical heart-breaking tenor but also picking up the responsibility of handling the guitar as well. The result is the similar grungy sound from Understory, with some added jangly and ambient chord strums to slow down the pace in this 6+ minute song.  If this single is a sample of their as-yet-titled new album, I think we are in store for a doubling-down of that grand rock sound from their previous EP.  If you haven’t checked out Understory,  do so on iTunes or Amazon and then patiently await their full-length album.  They are giving Sweden a lot to cheer about.