What better way to kick off Valentine’s Day than with a single about infidelity?  Denver master entertainer SF1 released a new single last November in a follow up to Inamorata called “I Know,” featuring New York vocalist Daj and fellow Denverite the KandyMan Himself.  Like much of the tail end of Inamoratathe music is furious; SF1’s style has evolved into a link between early 2000’s post-punk three-chord progression and current era hip-hop with relentless explosive rhymes and R&B chorus.

A testament to his entertainer nature, SF1 bridges the gap between the dark subject matter of cheating on a loved one with creating a crowd anthem complete with a “hey ladies” and “hey fellas.”  Much like the rest of his catalog, this song is rife with hooks has a killer beat and begs for multiple listens.  Need a break from the sappy love songs that pop up this time every year?  Dive into some deeper subject matter in “I Know” and prepare to get addicted.