Ishi Emotional Hard Drive

Who says all the robot electro-funk has to be done by two French guys?

Fresh off the heels of their release Digital Wounds, Texas-based, hard-working, dance floor defining Ishi have released the video to “Emotional Hard Drive.”

As anyone who has seen the “Disco Queen” video will know, these guys don’t do anything subtle. Their newest video is no different. The grooving track swings on smooth beats and hip shaking funk while playing out a tale of identity seeking robots find and follow their hearts.

If you’ve never experienced Ishi before, this video will deliver you into their sanctuary. The eye-catching electric-disco played out over a hell of a single makes for a great pairing.

Ishi is lighting up the dance floor in the Western US now:

From their latest release Digital Wounds, here is Ishi’s “Emotional Hard Drive:”