While we normally toss it out to you to tell us what you’re listening to, we thought we’d flip the script and share some of the songs we are listening to with video accompaniment.

The Rationales: This Morning – The new breed American Rock put their track in the hands of an American artist Anthony Ragucci living in Beijing and four months later, this captivating new video:

Peasant’s King: Promised Land – Generally when we get excited about videos out of Cardiff, they involve a particular blue box.  Who would’ve thought the next video out of that region we would watch over and over again would be the aggressive hooks and rich folk rock from Peasant’s King?

The Courtesans: Genius – With the ferocity of Shirley Manson – four times over – this masterful foursome tears down the walls of expectation in their latest single/video. Like Sirens of rock, they’ll draw you in and you just can’t resist. 

MAD ONES: Leather Rug – Two-piece punk out of Toronto that is furious, melodic, and catchy?  A Boston Terrier running around for 3 minutes?  Need we say more?