The March Divide - Given Out

The steady rise that is The March Divide’s career was recently elevated by the release of Billions. Again raising the bar, the album lifts our appreciation of Jared Putnam’s talents to a new level.

Now, with a glimpse into the barefoot/record collection/most emo/post-punk poodle you’d ever find, The March Divide offers up the video to “Given Out” off the aforementioned release. The D.I.Y. sense of the video compliments the independent mentality The March Divide drives home so well; not to mention the video has us wanting to hang out with Putnam to just kick back, spin some vinyl, and watch his ferocious dog annihilate a stuffed toy.

But because there are far too many fans to fit in his house at one time, and because someone would undoubtedly spill a beverage on his carpet and things would get awkward, we’ll settle with “Given Out” from Billions.