Chapell Giving Her More

In the late 90s there was an air of hope that lived within a lot of music. This carried into the early 2000s, but then it just disappeared. Blown out on the wind of cynicism and hopelessness, we lost the light vocals and guitars that was the alt/pop sound that was so glorious.

With the release of “Giving Her More” Chapell proves that this sound isn’t gone, it has just turned to the independent scene. Most importantly, it can still be created without the forced strain of nostalgia or shade of pretense. Nope, Chapell has finely crafted this catchy track that is reminiscent of a great sound thought to be all but lost.

From the upcoming album The Redhead’s Allegations, produced by Jerry Harrison, featuring Prairie Prince, Jason Hann, Sarah Gregory, Riley Osbourn, and George Mainelli, which is bound to be a great listen, here is “Giving Her More”: