There are powers within our world we simply cannot fight; one such power being the power of curiosity. With that power comes a great deal of uncertainty and romanticism. It is a mystery we must embrace and one which should inspire.

In the eyes of Boise-based singer/storyteller Heather Meuleman, the culmination of this power was found in her song “To The Sea”. Harnessing her warm, powerful presence and drawing singer/songwriter sense of Americana, Meuleman ventured into an homage of American legend Jeff Buckley while relinquishing to the power of curiosity. As with most, the uncertainty of his loss left many wondering what really happened many years ago. Describing her vision, Meuleman explains “I suppose it is kind of dark but the song turned into a less morbid portrayal” and in execution, “To The Sea” strikes all the right chords.

Following up to her 2019 debut release Ditch The Map, “To The Sea” conveys an earthly-like gospel presence that bathes us in a simply beautiful assembly. The video pairs the talents of Meuleman and The Pan Handles against the backdrop of the historic Boise Egyptian Theater, orchestrating a stripped-down, yet elegant world for the track to exist.

From the circumstances of loss and uncertainty comes curiosity and tribute, put together in the vision of Heather Meuleman, it becomes “To The Sea”