In stark contrast to the usual hustle and bustle of everyday life, many of us are finding an excess of silence, of alone time.

For Bay Area singer, songwriter, producer SESPOOL (Sean E. of former Rin Tin Tiger fame) it was a time to look inward and come to terms with thoughts and feelings otherwise masked in the pace and energy of everyday life. This introspection came as something of a sobering reflection, as he put it, a “newsflash”.

The latest single “newsflash” is carried by a rooted undertone initiated by an almost Mamas and The Papas acoustic lick, perhaps as a nod to the landscape perpetuated by all of the small things that got him here. The track leans to SESPOOL’s instincts and acknowledges the shadows we must pass through to find the light in one’s self. On point, even delivering “In our own shadows our souls reflecting out” paired in an airy drift that captures his style of experimental hip-hop so well.

As many begin to find themselves, SESPOOL comes to terms with his own “newsflash”.