In the current state of affairs…who are we kidding?

As much as the next line should be something with “the new normal” or “these unprecedented times” we can’t muster the strength. Instead, as if by some divine interjection, let’s all just settle on an escape, if only for three-minutes-seventeen-seconds.

American musician, producer, and sound engineer Arthur Fitch, under the moniker Eames High, sonically builds and drifts in his latest reality-jarring, dangerously infectious single “$.L.I.M.”

Eames High has gained the attention of some prestigious names in the industry and is quickly establishing a name for himself. The New York artist references influences for “$.L.I.M.” as “Cautious Clay, The Strokes, and RAM-era McCartney” all in a track that otherwise crafts a sensory explosion of sprawling sound so craftily executed the layers blend together masterfully and you’ll be hooked after a single go. Twisted distortion drops to heavy beats, as if to crouch before springing to life. “$.L.I.M.” then launches us into the stratosphere of our own psyche as it drifts into a self-contained chaos somewhere in electro-rock with nods to pop, and just when you think you’ve figured it out, it drops into the final thirty seconds of pure audible release.

If you could imagine shuffling down the street in today’s world, wondering when things will heal and we’ll all start being human again, then suddenly a door appears out of thin air in front of you. The door opens and you see a man reaching through, offering a hand to lead you into a world that reminds us what it is like to be inclusively free, if only briefly. That hand is Eames High, the world beyond is “$.L.I.M.”