“We can’t fix everything, but we can keep trying, and we will carry on.” – Clark Andrew Libbey

A need for a healthy outlet is one which becomes emphasized with quarantine.

Birthed from intimately personal heartache, in the midst of isolation, Albuquerque’s (by way of Cincinnati) Clark Andrew Libbey releases his latest single “We’re Gonna Get By”.

The latest from the Americana Singer/Songwriter embodies what we all feel, to some degree, at a time when even the course of a single day’s events seem uncertain. From his current project Small Town Famous, “We’re Gonna Get By” is as prominently an anthem as it is a retreat into one’s own feelings. Retracting before soaring into a song of healing carried by acoustic guitar, harmonica, and a mantra of hope. The only thing missing from “We’re Gonna Get By” is a large choir delivering the repetition. Where this is missing, Clark Andrew Libbey makes up in arrangement.

Noticeably inspired by the comfort found in old gospel and traditional folk, Clark Andrew Libbey found a voice for his heartache in his latest release, commenting “once I removed the voices of my ego, telling me I had to impress with clever lyrics and complicated changes, I leaned in to the beauty of the simple, almost prayer-like melody which carries the song”

Quite possibly the most important piece of “We’re Gonna Get By” is its ability to become more and more profound with each listen. As such, you’re gonna need to listen to this a few times if you’re gonna get by.