The swirling chaos of the modern social narrative, mixed with weaponized political opinion, and an unseen phantom wreaking havoc on our daily lives, we’d be forgiven to think we’re feeling rather out of control of late. Many of us are looking inward to find answers. Chicago Native (with a resume of accomplishments that is about as successful one can find for a modern singer/songwriter) Lee DeWyze aims to do what he does best and slow things down with his latest single “Weeds”.

Not political, not socially loud, yet carrying a warmth of sensible Americana DeWyze brings life to a track that immediately transports you. DeWyze explains his latest single “explores the nature of love and relationships and how that parallels the cycle of life. How some things can be found when you don’t even know you’re looking for them.  It’s about growing and learning to be vulnerable.  How a time, place, and moment can play such a crucial part in where we end up and how we got there. ‘Weeds’ is about finding beauty in the most unsuspecting places.”

With successes from American Idol, to the CMA’s, and countless other achievements, the road from his major-label debut Live It Up (RCA Records 2010) has led DeWyze to a starkly reflective track in “Weeds”, one which slows things down when we need it most and encapsulate a sense of intimate reflection. The worries and chaos of today almost immediately wash away when “Weeds” begins. Paired with the beautifully composed music video (teaming up once again with SeenFilm’s Stefano Bertelli and Riccardo Orlandi), “Weeds” expands on a journey that will take you outside your immediate surroundings where you will quickly gain a sense of standing out; if only to one person, while all else may make you feel insignificant.

At a time when so much feels out of control, Lee DeWyze has found profound beauty in, as he put it, the “most unsuspecting places.” We can find DeWyze in “Weeds”.