Drawing on the influence-soaked streets that inspired the likes of The Marvelous Beauhunks, Toronto, Ontario-based alt-rock/pop-punk newcomers Nothing Special look inward to lay down a proclamation in 2021.  

Despite what their name would imply Dan Bell (vocals/guitar), Gabriel Higazi (vocals/guitar), James Carr (bass) and Spencer Holmes (drums) are a sound to keep an eye on. It’s not for some revolutionary twist we all didn’t see coming, but for the youthful exuberance, explosive passion that plays out in their sound, and a style that, so far, has proven to get better with each track.

Formed when a group of friends came together during their sophomore year of high school in 2017, Nothing Special, draw on an explosive start propped by an ever-present rhythm section courtesy of Carr and Holmes to ride “New Leaf” into a maturity from their previous release “Brandi” (released December 4th) and into your head.

The “New Leaf” delivered by Nothing Special is a Canadian culmination of decades of sounds laid before these four young guys from Ontario, yet filtered through the eyes, ears, and minds, of a generation not soured by the grind of age and industry. “New Leaf” is what 2021 needs to sound like in the beginning; hope, reflection, growth, and ambition.