Photo: Matthew Wordell

Stepping into 2021 with a grinding, stripped-down style rock reminiscent of a bright light, big city, cruising “the strip” alt-90s sense Melanie Radford (Marshall Poole), Lisa Simpson (Finn Riggins) and Lindsey Lloyd (Tambalka), under the title Blood Lemon have released the their first single “Burned”. Executed with a sneering, yet well-placed, power sense paired with melodies at just the right moment the track becomes an audible condemnation of the status quo and the band finds themselves just to the more precise/tamer side (purposefully) of the likes of The Runaways or The Donnas; at least in the first act.

Similar to the precisely developed collage cover artwork from Rio, Brazil’s Ludzeg (who has agreed to do all the artwork for Blood Lemon’s release), “Burned” seems to take on a new persona with each pass.  The no-apologies drive (with lines like “but you better get out of my way/or there’ll be some hell to pay”) of Blood Lemon’s flagship single explodes with gritty rock before shifting into a staunchly unforgettable two-fold existence. Seemingly wrapping at 2:40 the first act appears to fade; but you’re gonna want to stick around for the finale.

The final two-minute crescendo crafts a concussive experience shattering the barriers of assumption and demanding a forfeiture to the sound; one which will surely be given almost instantaneously. Building on soaring guitar, ever-present bass, and pulse pacing drums that cannot, and should not, be resisted, the only thing being burned here is the name Blood Lemon in to your mind.

Look for Blood Lemon’s debut release in April of 2021. We can anticipate a single per month leading up to the album release. Until then, we have “Burned”.