With an echoing romance, reminiscent of classical acoustic love ballads, singer/songwriter Dustin Morris, calling Boise, Idaho home, molds a dichotomy as he reaches into himself and fills the cup of heartache with his latest single “We Both Know”.

Aided by the talents of Brook Faulk, Troy Ferguson, Riley Anne Johnson, and Steve Fulton, Morris strikes a chord that may be too real to most, but passionately reflective and understandable to all. The swaying pace of “We Both Know”, in both harmony and lyrical delivery, spins into maelstrom of lethargic release in its final stage.  All the while, it is a single that lives in a retrospective everyone knows at some point.

Pieced together from the shattered remnants of a relationship frayed to the point of breaking, Morris finds therapy in what he does so well, making music. The pain reflects in beauty and thanks, yet is not glossed over, creating an incredibly real lyrical presence laid against a romanticized memory, culminating in a mutually understood “We Both Know”.

Bound to be the restorative understanding in the pain for many, “We Both Know” is a love, a heartache, an appreciate, and a farewell hand-crafted by the immensely talented Dustin Morris; a musician bold enough to be real enough for us all.