Known for years of laying their own track in Americana, aka Belle show no signs of slowing. Their latest standalone track, “A.M. Dew” is the inaugural single for newest aka Belle member MalletKat (vibraphone) and the second release with backing vocalist Kelsey Swope Walker. The newest members only add to the DIY sense of the Idaho sound so many have come to love.

Dripping in sepia, washing over you with an occasional steely distant guitar pluck interlaced in the acoustic, sauntering along in its own wave-like cadence, aka Belle’s latest stretches out like a late day shadow but warms in beautiful arrangement. The well-paced sense of modern Americana slowly wades into the mix, dancing like vibrant drops of oil against a dark pool beneath a shade tree, refusing to mix, but standing out in a beautiful array of shapes and colors. Soluble at the fringes, while retaining its structure “A.M. Dew” is five minutes beautifully arranged into a world where you can get lost in the drawn harmonies and echoing instrumental.

Whether you’ve known aka Belle for years, or you’re just now discovering them, “A.M. Dew” beckons us to all slow down a little and appreciate the beauty in the simple.