Arisotle once said “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and while this may not be properly interpreted in its modern usage, we’re in America and it fits our purpose here so we’re going to roll with it.

The culmination of decades of life and being road-tested has led Ryan Curtis, Boise, Idaho, by way of the American experience, singer/songwriter, to the doorstep of his new record. It is from these trials, tribulations, and journeys we are introduced to Rust Belt Broken Heart.

The forthcoming record from Ryan Curtis, Rust Belt Broken Heart, encompasses a collection of experiences and memories of a Midwest existence written into song over a 13-year period. As he puts it, “the bones of the album came out of a three-day recording session at a beautiful, century old theater in the small town of Enterprise, OR”, where he intended to record a short EP, only to come away with an absolute stunning 11 tracks. The bones may have been found in the shadow of the Eaglecaps, but the heart and soul come from a well-travelled musician; this is most prominently found in the lead single “All Alone.”

Striking a chord between his days with Curtis/Sutton & The Scavengers and The Weary Times, Curtis finds his stride in painting vivid landscapes between downstrokes on his guitar, accentuated by his gravelly vocal delivery. Lyrically reflective of isolation driving through the snow, “All Alone” hits the pavement like reworked 57 Chevy Stepside with whitewalls blazing a trail through a deserted stretch of Route 66 somewhere in forgotten America, creating a dichotomy of pain and energy. The debut single pings off string draws in the land The Outlaws built, echoing in a distinct sense of Americana, driven by a formula you just can’t teach. But just like rounding a bend and discovering a hidden treasure in the desert, the track takes a turn. Frankly, if you don’t absolutely lose yourself in the organ solo tearing its way through the third-act of the track you’re not paying attention.

Accompanying the release, the B-Side “Pour Another Glass” finds itself in the reflective perspective of acoustic strum and steel slide. Lyrically settling into a realism that pairs itself into the aftermath of “All Alone.”

Recently signed to American Standard Time Records, Ryan Curtis will release Rust Belt Broken Heart July 30th. Until then find out why it never felt this good to feel “All Alone.”