We cannot measure darkness, because darkness isn’t real, it is the absence of light. Yet, we are able to stare into the darkness and find a sense unique to each individual that makes us feel something.

Constant Follower, releasing the video short film for their latest single “Weave of The World,” peers into the darkness while moving between the light to find a reflective sense in long, drawn shadows. Scottish folk singer/songwriter frontman of Constant Follower Stephen McAll elaborates on the track, explaining “I wrote it during a period of anxiety or maybe mild paranoia. You can hear that in the words. But it’s taken on a new meaning for me, since what I must have thought might happen, didn’t. There’s still a lot of darkness in there, but the song reminds me that feelings are real but they aren’t facts. Even when you think things are going very wrong, there’s always a way to turn it around.”

The short film by Martin J. Pickering that is the video to “Weave of The World” reflects on the passing of time, the arch from youthful innocence to cherished memories, all while brilliantly capturing the gently rolling acoustic neo-folk body of the track while framing a landscape for your memories within. The tone of the Constant Follower track becomes a worn, warm cloth upon which the video reel is cast, playing out as a reflection each of us can embrace in our own way. Ultimately, we find it isn’t darkness, just a dimly lit memory we vaguely remember, yet hold on to for dear life. It is the tapestry of our lives, it is the “Weave of The World.”

Constant Follower’s New LP, Neither is, nor ever wasis out October 1, 2021 via Shimmy-Disc/Joyful Noise Recordings.