Somewhere between “seldom is heard, a discouraging word…” and “Red Solo Cups” there was an existence of Americana and Country which, not only wasn’t cringeworthy, it meant something. Somehow along the way music wandered off the trail.

New Mexico’s own The High Desert Playboys, singer/songwriter Clark Andrew Libbey, Ryan Goodhue piano and accordion, Bud Melvin pedal steel and banjo, Kristen Rad electric violin, Mikey Hale drums, and Kent Malmquist electric guitar, reach back into the Americana and Country from the days when Americana was Americana and Country was Country.

Their organic style, with all the fixin’s one would expect, requisite slide and keys pouring out into the warm New Mexico air, comes to life in their latest record, as well as their lyric video for “Ticker Tape Parade, Pt. 1.” The purpose of The High Desert Playboys is immediately evident. It isn’t one of grand sweeping risks or loud thumping over-sized-truck-energy, it’s storytelling amidst melodically crafted soundscapes executed precisely how they intended. It embodies the landscape they call home almost effortlessly.

Look for The High Desert Playboys’ latest record to release February 11, 2022 on Slow Start Records.