In 1987 a gallon of gas would run you approximately $1.07, a car, between $7,000 and $10,000, and $92,000-$107,000 could get you a new home. The Princess Bride debuted, as you wish, Lost Boys brought vampires that didn’t sparkle, and we learned we didn’t have time to bleed in Predator. 1987 taught us Whitney wanted to dance with somebody who loves her, Mr. Astley himself was never going to give us up, and a little college band from Athens, Georgia reached the Top 10 Albums for the first time with Document. Kicking off the “b-side” to Document is a song which reached #84 in Australia, #17 in South Africa, and #1 in the heart of a ten-year-old who would go on to cover the song nearly 34 ½ years later.

Anything but Texas, Dallas-Fort Worth singer/songwriter Jared Putnam, as The March Divide, sifts the iconic College Rock track through the lens of his acoustic-punk sound and lends his sound and style to “The One I Love.” (2/18 Slow Start Records)

Naturally, acoustic covers are relegated to cringeworthy partygoers sitting in the corner trying to impress uninterested individuals of the opposite sex or desperate Youtubers looking for traction as an “influencer.” When The March Divide proceeds into sketchy territory it quickly becomes quickly apparent Putnam’s vocals, with the harmonica, become an impressive arrangement that feels, not just absolutely natural, but justified. Leaning slightly dark and foreboding, the longing senses of a song we’ve heard so many times becomes a lighthouse in a dark personal reflection. Dare we say, this may be one of the only times a cover is completely justified?