Carving out a single which stands as the shift into the final third of the upcoming record, Lost Causes, The March Divide releases a new video that encapsulates returning home from the road in a simple, short track that feels like the acoustic rock sound is taking a moment to just breathe and reset. Spending time as a family man instead of the traveled musician, Jared Putnam laid down “Mont Del Dr” and accompanied the track with a video framed by a poetically rare Texas snow day. Putnam describes the short video and track is “based on a phone recording I made at home of an unfinished idea, as my two kids break into a fight about who knows what in the background. Mont Del Dr is my street, and if I don’t name a recording, my phone just names them whatever street I’m on at the time. The footage for the video is from this year’s one day of snow in Texas. It’s just a fun video of the kids & company sledding around the neighborhood.” Lost Causes will be released June 10th on Slow Start Records