It might sound cliché, but the 2001 film Rockstar (you know, the one with Marky Mark) has a profoundly reflective end. This artist, beyond the glam and spotlights, is a stripped-down musician at heart and it feels fitting to the pace life naturally takes.

Austin’s Mark DiLillo, under the moniker Welsh Avenue, has conjured up a single that feels reminiscent to the vein Chris “Izzy” Cole found. It is a back-to-basics, intimate song that feels like we left his electronic set, headed to some hole-in-the-wall coffee shop with a piano in the corner and saw the real DiLillo.  

“Come Back Home” deviates from the electronic foundation previously experienced with Welsh Avenue. The stripped down, piano-heavy stand-alone single anchors a sound that is one part Gregg Alexander, one part John Ondrasik, and whole lot of unadulterated honesty for the singer/songwriter/producer. It is simple, yet packs a punch.

Open-ended lyrics feel as though they can be interpreted to one’s own relationship(s), but the lingering, echoing, piano progression at the core of this song creates a current that sits with you long after it is over. Poetically, the electronic beat present in the track is ever slightly subdued by the veil of songwriter, making this a precisely produced song that achieves exactly what it was hoping to. It disposes of complicated layers and reveals a warm sincerity. Is this the direction Welsh Avenue is headed? Only Mark DiLillo knows. It is, however, a sobering break from the electronic that hits the right chords.