Have you ever been lost in a track, so deeply the concept of time and space disappear only to be replaced by memories and feelings you’d long since stored away?

If you’ve ever caught a phantom smell and it took you to back to a specific day or place and you, if only for a moment, you know what is at the heart of Minoa’s latest single and where the reflective emotion lives.

Minoa exists in the post-Deschanel/Ward world of imaginative female singer/songwriter paired with dreamy sonic landscapes and heart-fueled vocals. “Something Special” comes in on a Lennon-esc (circa “Woman”) intro, before submersing us in well, something special.

Off the forthcoming Forward, Backward, Start Again (August 2022 on Listenrecords), “Something Special” reflects the simpler times through a complexly layered/inspired single that settles with a smooth finish. The Houston, Texas born artist, who grew up outside Hanover, Germany, captivates in the three-and-a-half-minute single while taking vocal chances that more than pay off in the end. In her own words the track “embodies a sweet nostalgia. The verses tell the story of a loving couple. You can see their happy faces right in front of your eyes. But then, in the chorus it is revealed, that this is already history. That they were letting each other go, because they didn’t know how special it was, what they had. Still, this is more than just a sad song. It’s about embracing the bloom of a relationship after having past its prime.”