Let’s face it, we’d all do well to put on our big boy/girl pants every once and a while and face whatever is in front of us. There comes a time however, in the course of human events, we must go beyond aforementioned trousers and go one step further. We must, at certain times, put on War Panties.

In September, Louisville, Kentucky’s War Panties released the single “Loving Sunshine Dream.” Phil Impell (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Pat Matheny (vocals, guitar, drums), Bob Hart (bass, saxophone, flute), and Phil Gatton (drums, percussion) dropped the horn-rich, funk-laden track that feels anything but Kentucky, much less whatever War Panties is…but that’s the point.

“Loving Sunshine Dream” feels overwhelmingly like Ezra Koenig fronting Rusted Root if they were raised on moonshine in the hills outside the Cumberland Gap. The unrelenting confidence of vocal struts jam in funky licks and swaggering rhythms, emanating a break in the clouds that broadcasts infectious warmth.

Deviating the bold, vibrant audible explorations of other releases, the track adds a layer of energetic exuberance that is all too infections. Make no mistake, War Panties doesn’t have an identity issue, they have free reign to explore the creative dynamics they see fit at any given time and this feels much like a waypoint on journey you’d be hard pressed to ignore.

You may be fixated on what, precisely War Panties is. That’s understandable. The only answer is to find out for yourself. “Loving Sunshine Dream” is a great place to start.