-Greg’s Take-

Like a colossal collision of Funk, Latin Root, Salsa, House, Reggae and unfiltered addiction, Empresarios will shift your understanding and commandeer your inner rhythm. Like the scene in Beetlejuice where everyone became possessed as they so memorably spouted out Harry Belafonte’s “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)”, El Sonido Mágico takes complete control and gets you moving.

If you cannot understand what Empresarios is singing, no problem, you can still easily comprehend the vibe. The Washington, DC based group serves up a thirteen track platter of delicious beats, monumental grooves and infectious lyrics. You’ll find yourself singing in a language you may not even know. Duel power vocals (Frankie Rosado and Felix Perez), religiously powerful percussions (Javier Miranda and Anthony Gary), worldly guitar (Paul Chaconas) and two masterful DJs (Sonny Cheeba and Arsam Khosh) melt into one cohesively beautiful sound that expands the mind. Now it may appear that I am simply using variable phrases of the word “great”, but when you hit play on El Sonido Mágico and feel the overwhelmingly addicting power of tracks like “Salsa de Gala,” “Bailando” and the all too impressive “Rompan Fila,” you’ll have no reservations about agreeing with me. They’re strikingly precise as they make each and every note feel natural and easy. Empresarios is a refreshing and vibrant sound in a world clouded with reproduction as they openly dance within diversity. You’ll find plenty of club beats, mixed with horn and an eclectic array of sounds. The DC group is exactly where they intend to be and they have fun doing what they do.  So much fun in fact, they suck you right in.

Not quite hip-hop, not heavily Salsa and not exactly Spanish Rock Empresarios is…well, Empresarios. They are unlike anything I’ve ever heard and I am clinging desperately to them until more comes along. Until then I will not hesitate to share the impressive sound of Rosado, Perez, Miranda, Gary, Chaconas, Cheeba and Khosh with everyone who will listen.