The refined styling of Senseless Beatings, as we found at the beginning of the year, is a musical expression of intellect with an eclectic folk/jazz approach; or, plainly put, a vastly original sound backed by a range of emotion.

In March, we had the opportunity to sit down with Chase from Senseless Beatings and discuss (interview here) the forthcoming Remembering the Shore. We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity and have been anxiously awaiting the new album.

“Child” is the first single from Remembering.  The track is all that we had hoped but leaves us feeling empty, all at the same time; like having just one cookie. Not fair, we want more.

“Child” is expansive, we expected nothing less. Haunting on the up, yet light on follow through; layered with an off-pace, yet cohesive rhythm, it speaks to the inner child in all of us in a playful, diverse sound. Much like our inner youth, the track is imaginative and poised to break free. And as we learned with We Will Walk Into The Sea, Senseless is greater as a whole. While “Child” is a splendid reach into what we’ve anticipated for most of the year, we know it is hard to put a finger on the pulse of Remembering the Shore. We will continue to wait patiently, while enjoying “Child”.

Senseless Beatings is truly a do-it-yourself band packed with potential. We genuinely enjoy their work and hope you do too. If you do, please help support the band by downloading their music and helping further their art.