-Greg’s Take-

Producer, artist and visionary Amon proved his ability to create an audible paradise with Hurricane Season In Brooklyn. His uncanny ability to mesh worldly style into a blend that is more experience than simply sound solidified itself in our Top 25 Albums of 2012.

Much to my surprise, but more like excitement, he is back at it with the Analog Players Society. This time the stay is brief, but nonetheless impressive.

The Analog Players Society has released the aptly titled CKY to JFK. CKY is the call sign of Conakry International Airport in Guinea and JFK is, well I’m sure you know, the airport in New York.  Though there is over 6800 km (over 4200 miles) between the two locations, the EP brings together the vision of New York jazz with Guinean jazz vocalist Missia Saran Diabate as if they were living right next door. The culmination of Amon’s prowess and Diabate’s elegance culminate at nothing short of stunning.

The three tracks reinforce a traditional, almost primal, approach to music and fuse it seamlessly with modern production. Most importantly, however, it does not lose and ounce of grace and personality as it honors both with superb respect.

Starting out with “Coule’Ba,” CKY to JFK dances with a trippy swagger that feels as though it could fit perfectly in the most tribal circles and the most packed clubs all at the same time. Then, as if the thought was all your own, it dawns on you that there is an exceptional jazz foundation to this and it drives an instinctual attraction in you.

That feeling doesn’t stop at the first track.

“Korosi” features Petite Konde and Mamady Kouyate and ignites the horns and guitar I was hoping for. The sound, which is quickly becoming synonymous with Analog Players Society is just as rich as the first time I heard them.

Bringing back Missia Saran Dioubate, the EP contorts into an electronic, full out four-on-the-floor arrangement I did not see coming. The dance foundation electrifies your senses and had me reeling in the glory of this track again and again. It is smooth and rich and nothing short of fantastic.

The Analog Players Society makes traditional styles cooler than the mainstream without prejudice or pretense.  The bridge that brings the jazziest world styles and modern production together is welded from Amon’s vision and it is strong and sturdy enough to deliver a whole hell of a lot more.  His incorporation of eclectic instrumentation and digital frontiers keeps me on the edge of my seat again and again. CKY to JFK is proof positive that music is heading in the right direction.