Best of 2012!

In 2012 we listened to some FANTASTIC music. You voted for your favorite discoveries of 2012. Now, here are our favorite discoveries, as chosen by us here at Nanobot Rock Reviews. Thank you to each and every one of you who has shared, listened to, or read about local independent music.

#25 Fab Claxton – Spazzamatazz

#24 Analog Players Society – Hurricane Season in Brooklyn

#23 Skinny Lister – Forge & Flagon

#22 Dead Fingers – Dead Fingers

#21 Spielgusher – Spielgusher

#20 Big Bang – Diez Tragos

#19 SF1 – Inamorata

#18 Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats – A Little Something Stronger Than Wine

#17 Maybeshewill: I Was Here For A Moment, Then I Was Gone

#16 Handshake – Sleeping, Snarling

#15 American Bloomers – Part One

#14 Owl Paws – Carry On


#12 Monks of Mellonwah – Neurogenesis EP

#11 Denny Brown – Fourth of July EP

Daniel Pearson - Mercury State

#10 Daniel Pearson – Mercury State

Mercury State is an album that so vividly, so richly defines our global situation; specifically the recessions. But it does so on a very real level. There is no act here. There is no self-serving purpose. Pearson’s vocals bleed with god-honest emotions. His art is as important and relevant as Dylan so many years ago; it is absolutely captivating.


The FireFlys - Cathedral For Your Ashes
#9 The Fireflys – Cathedral For Your Ashes

Four words: “Jenny, Play Your Guitar.” The Fireflys are quite possibly the hardest working independent band in the UK. Their music is their passion and it shows. Their very real approach to songwriting paid off big time with Cathedral For Your Ashes. 2013 will bring even more of The Fireflys, but Cathedral etched 2012 in our minds forever.

Prince Rupert's Drops
#8 Prince Rupert’s Drops – Run Slow

Psychedelic rock was big before our time. Before Run Slow, we lived vicariously through jams of yesteryear. But the moment the title track graced our ears, coming in at nine minutes, we knew the glory of all that is psychedelic awesomeness is here once more. Prince Rupert’s Drops is pure, unadulterated psychedelic rock at its finest.

Blue Gillespie - Seven Rages of Man
#7 Blue Gillespie – Seven Rages of Man

Before Seven Rages of Man, metal was merely metal. Now, having heard this album we are a believer that there is a whole other level of metal thanks to this Welsh group. Not only is their music fantastic, their fans are great too. Their album was mailed to us by one of their fans in the UK and we are still enjoying it to this day.

The Mad Caps
#6 The Mad Caps – The Mad Caps

Sultry, dirty, raw and powerful. The only thing that can possibly rival the incredible power this Seattle, by way of Las Vegas, duo pours into their album is their live show. They take classic rock style, pour some whiskey soaked attitude on it, and bring the house down. While this wasn’t exactly a full album review, though we’ve been listening to their record non-stop and can attest to it’s amazingness, we took every chance we could to experience The Mad Caps. You should too.

Rolla Olak - Western Heart
#5 Rolla Olak – Western Heart

Rolla Olak explains his music as “Dad-Rock,” but his music is sincere, moving and something we will cherish for a very long time. Western Heart made a lot with seemingly little effort. Olak makes being a great singer/songwriter seem too easy. His songwriting is understated and we will be a fan of his music for a very long time.

Cobalt Blue - Still A Natural Condition
#4 Cobalt Blue – Still a Natural Condition

Still a Natural Condition is in a world all its own. Voted #1 best discovery of 2012 by Nanobot’s friends and readers, there is nothing that can explain the pure power of this album like hearing it for the first time. Even then, it gets better and better with each listen

Picture Atlantic - Digital Tension
#3 Picture Atlantic – Digital Tension

San Francisco’s Picture Atlantic is a ticking time bomb of talent. Any moment now, someone will come along and propel them into the world’s view. They are the epitome of superb indie-rock. And not a day goes by we don’t catch ourselves singing “White Knight.”


Tidelands - We've Got A Map
#2 Tidelands – We’ve Got a Map

In 2011 we met Tidelands via If… and in 2012 we Got a Map. From the moment the first chord of coil hit our ears we knew, with every ounce of our being, this is the album we were waiting for. Intelligent lyrics met with visionary instrumentals and enough flugelhorn for everyone, Tidelands is and will be one of the greatest discoveries we’ve ever made here at Nanobot Rock Reviews.

 Marc Berger - Ride
#1 Marc Berger – Ride

Marc Berger’s Ride is, without a doubt, the greatest discovery for us in 2012; if not one of the best in our entire existence. If you have ever stared longingly into the vastness of the American plains or the Southwest Desert, then you feel what Berger so masterfully put onto album. You can play Ride, close your eyes and be transported to the colors of the desert, see the lonesome railroad or smell the fresh air of what is the greatest part of America. It is an instant American Classic.