Mr. Kind & Picture Atlantic

Spoon. The band, not the utensil, is arguably the greatest thing since the spork.

The boys from Austin have released seven full length albums in the last seventeen years. Of those albums they released, one of our favorites and one of the most “indie” defining, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. On said Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, they released “You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb.” The driving swagger perfectly embodies all the great things one could expect from an indie rock band.

Now, through some miracle we could have only dreamt of, two of our favorite Bay Area bands have collaborated to recreate this magical track.

Mr. Kind and Picture Atlantic came together to recreate, not cover, Spoon’s iconic “You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb.”

The collaboration is fun and fresh as it does well to maintain just enough originality that it doesn’t become another cover song. The two bands together, even splitting vocals, melt into one cohesive sound that is a blast to listen to again and again. They keep the swagger, add some flair, and get you moving. This is the kind of thing that makes loving independent and local music so awesome.

Click the artwork above for a free download and watch the video below.