The growing trend of releasing a series of singles instead of album has taken flight. For most fans it’s a frustrating taste of what could be much more. However, when you’re The March Divide (moniker of Dallas-based musician Jared Putnam), the rules don’t exactly apply to you. Those who have spent time with his sound and/or seen him live will agree.

Putnam has spent a great deal of time releasing singles over the course of 2019 after his last LP Anticipation Pops (Slow Start Records – 2018). On December 13 he released the latest compilation of singles, Distractions, Vol. 5. All three tracks, “It’s Not Over”, “Crowded Room”, and “Secrets” embody a side of Putnam we can’t help but admire. The honesty, long roads, different-venue-each-night honesty that bleeds through, yet without strain or cynicism gives The March Divide a different level of genuine. Reaching back into his origins Distractions, Vol. 5 collaborates with other musicians and as Putnam states, “helped bring a focus to the production that I often can’t find on my own.” The ensuing result is yet another success in the long list that is The March Divide. The consistency and draw that is The March Divide never ceases to amaze. The sense of nostalgia, the reflective hooks, and the unadulterated sense of self keeps us coming back again and again. And among all the possible praises we can sing, Nanobot Rock is proud to premiere the Lyric Video of The March Divide’s “Secrets”

Hear all three tracks here: