At the risk of sounding like an over anxious blubbering fool, ah screw it. The new Bess single is here!

We’ve refrained from diving too deep into Sarah Beckmann’s enticing singles like children refrain from tearing into presents under the tree. We’ve idly sat by enjoying the hints at her forthcoming release The Real Thing. Aptly titled, under the name Bess, we are in fact getting, the real thing.

Bess’ slightly sultry, slightly profound delivery walks hand in hand with conviction and purpose. Nodding at rock and R&B/Blues Bess is a sound all her own. Accompanied by a heavy dose of topnotch instrumentals her lyrics resonate within your consciousness. Her wonderfully original vocals deliver each line on a bold level that is sure to set her apart from the crowd. Modesty and appreciation for her art keeps Bess grounded and her music honest. You would be hard pressed to find an up-and-coming female vocalist like Bess. She has to know how great she is, but she doesn’t show it.

Like that inspiring moment when you just know deep down you’re on to something good, press play on “The People The Places” and “Better Off Without You.”

Keep an eye on Bess because she’ll soon be in the stratosphere of musical genius. Sadly, we have to wait for The Real Thing. In the meantime, we can experience the real thing with these two singles. Proceeds from the iTunes purchase of “The People The Places” will benefit The Jessie Crumpton Fund and of   “Better Off Without You” will be donated to Pablove Foundation for Pediatric Cancer. Enjoy, support, repeat.