The Mad Caps - Stretch Pants

There was a time when Elvis, with his nonsensical swagger, was too much for the mainstream and he was considered borderline taboo.

Well it is a good thing they never saw The Mad Caps or else they would have been asking for Elvis to perform at their church functions.

The latest in the great line of Doo-Rock-Wop meets sleazy back alley guitar riffs with enough pulsating drums that would make your grandmother gasp is “Stretch Pants.”

Compared to their previous work, “Stretch Pants” is more refined. And by that we mean it doesn’t sound as much like it is recorded in the tin-can style. Other than that, this is very Mad Caps. The echoing kick drum, ample cowbell and distorted licks drive a sense of rock that the likes of The Black Keys wish they had the balls to perform.  The Mad Caps have made great strides with their latest single and solidified, even more, that this is one band to add to your regular rotation.

As for the video, it is either borderline the creepiest or the manliest use of The Shake Weight, fireworks and a sweatband you’ll ever find; Prancercise, eat your heart out.