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The London based Hares describe themselves as “The Weather Beaten Blues of Punk Rock N Roll” and their latest video for “Just A Picture” plays to just that.

The sound of “Just A Picture” is an unexpected punk front with tangible harmonies and the swagger of Cage The Elephant. With a little Blues, a little Punk and a dash of attitude, it packs a wallop then throws its arm around you and carries you to the nearest pub to buy you a pint.

As the video staggers around in darkness and struggles to find focus it carries an ode-to-post-grunge rock of the late 90s that, honestly, feels satisfyingly familiar. It quickly becomes as refreshing as new slang (the speech, not the Shins track); a new spin on an old style.

As a song, as a video, Hares’ “Just A Picture” nails it. Check it out.