Rolla Olak Waiting For You (Live Acoustic) at The Shop

In what we can only describe as one of our most anticipated albums of 2013, Canadian/singer/songwriter/musician extraordinaire Rolla Olak has been hard at work on his forthcoming release.

While we all anxiously wait, he has released “Waiting For You (Live Acoustic) at The Shop.”

The simple, yet strong video becomes an interesting, possibly intentional, character as weathered machines, a picture of the duke, PBR cans and the harp-slinging acoustic style of Olak mix into a Dylan-esc performance made just for you.

Rolla Olak is clearly a musician that should be on everyone’s watch-list. We are continually impressed by his work and we are waiting on the test results to see if this man does actually sweat musical genius. Until then, here is “Waiting For You (Live Acoustic) at The Shop”